Hot swap for remote copies

Hi, I am looking for a backup solution for my small office. I want to back up images to an EX2 everyday and the remove a hdd off site once a week.

I presume it would work to setup a Raid1 configeration and swap a drive every week. I would need 3 drives with on staying in the system and the others rotating every week. Could someone confirm this?

How could it work if I only wanted to use 2 drives?

Also, do the hdd’s need trays in the EX2?


Refer to chapters 6 & 7 of the manual ->

If you buy the EX2 in diskless confiuration, like I did, then it will come with everything you need - no extra trays or anything needed. It goes in vertically. Again, go through the manual before buying. I don’t know why more people don’t read it before making a purchasing decision.

All you would need to do is have it set up in a Raid 1 configuration. This way the data from the one HD is mirrored onto the other and as you mentioned you would just swap them out. NOW personally I would skip all of this and buy a external HD(maybe even a passport for easy travel) and just backup to the EHD and problem solved. In addition, with this method you could even spend a little more money and buy an ironkey or similar hard drive which provides you for example biometric encryption so the data would be extremely safe on the transported drive.