Hot do I backup Public Folders with Time Machine

Hello everyone,

I try to find out how to backup parts of my public folders with time machine.

Here’s the what I did so far:

To save space on my macs I moved the iTunes and iPhoto libraries of both my mac to the public folders of my NAS.

Which is great because now the music and picture are also available for streaming on my webradio and my PS3.

Now I want to use Time Machine to backup:

  • My user folder of my mac
  • The iPhoto library of a user (which now resides in a public folder on the NAS)
  • The iTunes library of a user  (which now resides in a public folder on the NAS)

If Time Machine only backs up files which resides on my mac, how can I backup the files of my NAS?

Or is there a way to use Time Machine to also backup certain folders of shared volumes?

Thanks for advice (and happy new year),


Thats probably something to contact apple on