Hooking up LiveHub using ethernet port

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I have no problem accessing the Hub with my laptops via my wireless network but I need to be able to access my files on the Hub when I travel and will not have internet access so I want to be able to access it via the ethernet port. I have a PowerBook 1.83ghz Intel Core Duo, v10.5.8 (call this #1) and a G4 1.5ghz Aluminum v10.5.8 (call this one #2).  When the Hub is hooked up via the ethernet port on #1, it shows up as a shared location but when i select it, it just says; “connecting” but never does. When I try with #2, it doesn’t even show up as a shared location. Does anybody know how to do this?

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As far as I know, this is something that should not be tried… I remember an old post a WD staff member said it can produce data corruption.

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I do not know if this is possible.  However, to connect two devices like this I think you need a cross-over cable, not a patch cable.



I spoke to tech support and resolved the issue. It’s not convenient, but it works. They suggested to take the laptop and the Hub and plug both units into a router (I had a spare that was not in use) and the hub and all of its content was there and accessible by my laptop.

I’ve been plugging mine into my PC’s NIC card since the day I got it. I just use a regular cat5 cable. Maybe the card or the Hub does the crossover, I don’t know. It works great for me when I have several large files to transfer. Never had any problem with data being corrupted.