Hooked up My Book essential directly

Hello people,

my external HDD died tonight. Only a flickering white light and no spinning up. It concerns a WD My Book Essential 2TB.

I tried /checked the following:

  • Hooked it up to another computer
    nothing, still only a blinking light.
  • I checked if my computer saw anything at all
    As expected with a non-spinning drive: the computer found nothing

Then, against all odds I checked my warrant: long since expired (2013). A common advice online was to contact a data recovery company. I was shocked to find that the prices involved were very high (I’m a poor and pennyless student). So that is definately my last option.

In an attempt to recover my files I decided to hook up the drive directly to my computer. I built my computer and know ‘a couple of things’ so I figured this would do nicely. also, the internet mentioned it a couple of times. I took the external HDD out of its case, hooked it up to the computer aaaand…

It worked! My computer says it detects a disk sitting there. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything with it!

When I tried to think of a reason why this would be the case I painfully realized all data is probably encrypted!

Concluding, my question now is: How can I get to my data!

I still have the component that was lodged to the HDD which provided it with power / data acces.

TL;DR: Took out a WD My Book Essential 2TB of its shell because it did not spin up and only blinked a white light; hooked it straigth to the computer to try to get to my files; PC can see the drive but can’t do anything to the disk (because of encryption?) so how do I get to my data.

My PC is running Windows 10. If you need more info, please let me know.

lights a candle I hope someone can help me :smiley:THANKS


Now that you are able to see the drive on the computer, you might as well give it a shot with a free online data recovery software. I know many have had great success with EaseUS partition recovery, but there are also other options around the web.
Other than that, we’re back to square one with paying for data recovery.