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I have been a happy user of the wd tv live. Today I have it connected directly to the tv through an hdmi connector. My question is that I want to install a home theater now. Has anyone installed a wd live to a home theater amplifier so I can enjoy more my movies or avi files.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

This should be straightforward as the WDTV Live has an optical (toslink) audio output. Depending on your television, you can also use it as a an A/V switch. For example, my television has 3 HDMI inputs and a couple of analog video ad audio inputs, as well as an optical toslink output. I connect this TV output to my amplifier, and all audio is routed by the television, which acts as the analog-to-digital converter for analog audio too. This way I only have to select the input on one device (the television) insteal of multiple devices (television, amplifier, maybe other switches, etc.).

Needless to say, apart from the fact that the WDTV Live supports 5.1 (or maybe more?) digital output on HDMI and optical connectors (but remember only stereo analog output), your home theater setup is not much dependent on the WDTV Live.

Hi Neutro,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Your explanation is very clear. If I understand your second paragraph, an avi file with ac3 audio I will only listen it stereo.

Much appreciated the advice

hi, I have it connected to my AV recevier via HDMI. Works perfect.

While trying to play videos with mp4 5.1 audio I connected a toslink cable. Haven’t noticed any differences though.

If you have more specific questions, just ask :slight_smile:

The right way to connect the audio part of an A/V source like a DVD/BR or media exdender (WDTV)  to a hometheater is with a direct cable. Putting anything in between could have adverse results, because you can’t be certain that the TV will output exactly the same bitstream thru the digital audio output, and even if it does, an A/V receiver does a better job of switching between different A/V sources than a TV, unless it’s a piece of junk or way older than the TV.

Anything else is just common sense: if your A/V receiver has HDMI inputs, connect it to  the WDTV live with a HDMI cable. That should be the simplest and highest quality way of connecting it. Then you can use the video output of the receiver, either HDMI or component video depending on your TV. If you don’t feel like buying 2 HDMI cables, you can send the video output thru HDMI directly to the TV, and the audio thru toslink to the A/V receiver - that’s what I do myself - but you can’t bitstream newer audio codecs like DD true-HD or DTS-MA thru a toslink cable, only its DD/DTS lower definition “core”.

If the A/V receiver doesn’t have HDMI inputs/outputs just connect the toslink output to the receiver for sound and the component video output to the TV. If you want the convenience of switching between different A/V sources with your receiver’s remote, you can connect the component video output of the WDTV to the receiver and from there to the TV.

Well as Billstpor said, there are multiple ways of connecting your TV, WDTV Live, Home Theater Amplifier, etc. It all depends on your equipment and preferences regarding how to control it.

Just to clarify my comment: the WDTV Live can output 5.1 surround sound through digital audio out (i.e. through the HDMI or optical Toslink outputs). But if you use the WDTV Live’s analog audio output (RCA connectors), only stereo will be available.