Home screen?

Where has my home screen suddenly gone to? Watched episodes from series I am watching one night and only 2 episodes played the 3rd one had that circle going round for such a long time I gave up. Next night had to reset WD to get anything to show. Now home screen gone. Was having problems for a while with the player but always corrected itself after reset. Not this time!!! Anyone have any ideas on how to solve problem???

when you say “Reset” does that mean you tried the paperclip in the reset hole for 5 seconds ?

(don’t hold it any longer than 5 seconds or it will switch from PAL/NTSC … but if you’re connected HDMI, then that doesent matter)

what are you seeing ?  a Black Screen on your TV ?

No seeing squares with video, flixter, photos etc. Don’t like it and want my old home screen back

Been researching some more and I updated with the new firmware so I think that is the problem. How do I get the old firm ware. Only a novice on the computer so if anyone can tell me in layman’s term how to do this it would be much appreciated

EDIT: Latest firmware … which has 2 Built in Themes  " Grid" & " Mochi"

A reset will default to “Grid”…  if you want " Mochi"

On your Remote Control press

Setup  >  Appearance  >  User Interface Themes  >  Select “Mochi”   then press " OK" Twice

this will apply the Mochi Theme you were previously using.

Been to user interface themes and there is no mochi

OK got it sorry to be such a pest. It is just that I love my media player and hate it when something changes. Thank you JoeySmyth

You solved the problem then ?