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I have WD Live media player. I could not change or add apps in favorites section. Manual says to press D letter to see the options but I could not see anything. Any help?


What app are you trying to add? 

Make sure the apps are already included with the unit as it will not allow downloading any new apps.

If you have a “D” button, you posted in the wrong forum.   The remotes for these boxes look like this:

Hello  cndesu,

TonyPh12345 is right if you have a D button on the remote, you are in the wrong board. Please confirm the information so we can move this thread to the correct board.

Yes I have D button. So where will I go now?

Well you either have a live streaming gen3 or a live hub with built in drive.

You should either be here


Or here


Look at the pictures at the top.

Which one do have? No doubt a mod will move your post once you reply.

SMP streaming media player. I do not have built in drive.