Home Duo Offline for Weeks

My Cloud Home Duo has been “offline” and an expensive paper weight for about a month now. I’ve connected it to other networks, rebooted the device, updated my router and nothing seems to be working. Anyone else having the same problem?

Reference number: 200917-000342

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I am having the same problem. Very frustrating as I am unable to add any movies, tv shows etc… as I am using it as a Plex server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

I hope your issue isn’t the same as mine.

WD essentially told me the drive failed, as well as our backup partition. They told us to send it to a “specialist” who deals specifically with their product line since the average data recovery solution would not be able to recover anything. So we shipped it off to Ontrack, prepared to pay $1k to have them recover a PORTION of our drive. We recently heard that our disks were damaged and as a result, nothing is recoverable. So now it is officially an expensive paper weight.

Hope you have better luck than we did!

Hey Andrew

Thank you for the information. Hopefully my issue isn’t the same as yours although it seems to be. I have tried everything from re-booting etc…. without any luck at all. I am beginning to think I should have gone with a Synology Nas from the beginning.

Again thanks for the feedback it is greatly appreciated


@flambeau Can you check if your Router or ISP is blocking the Proxy Port 8443?
Just click the HyperLink to get the port test results. Don’t post your public IP in this forum


When I follow the instructions and check via browser I get the following:

You have reached this page on port 8443.

Your network allows you to use this port. (Assuming that your network is not doing advanced traffic filtering.)

Network service: unknown

Results also show an IP address.

Sorry no idea what any of this means

Larry Laframboise

@flambeau is means your network router or ISP is not blocking ports.
Can you access the //Public share using Windows or macOS Finder?
Can you read and write files to the //Public share?
If no, the HDD could have sector errors or failed.
If yes, there’s a different issue.
In that case, get the logs and contact support

Good morning

Thank you for the feedback. I cannot read or write files to the Pubic Share and I have been in contact with support and have arranged for an RMA and will return the item for inspection.

I do appreciate your input