Home computer still has issues connectig.windows security pop up help

I keep getting this Windows Security pop up to enter username and password

  windows security.PNG

I’ve entered the username and password 100 times it keeps popping up.  The username and password are correct, so how do I get this to go away and open the file I’m trying to open

I went into windows firewall and couldnt find WDMycloud to add as a "Safe"program.

So what do i do?

That’s happening when using WD 2go?

Same issue for me. Would appreciate some input from the community

WD MyCloud,

Logging in remotely.

Using the WD 2go website?


If you have used your My Cloud user name and password and that does not work then try your network user name and password.


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cat0w (USA)


I’ve never seen that popup when using WD 2go – so I’m not sure what to suggest.

All I know is that it shouldn’t be happening…  You log in via the WD 2go portal; not via Windows Security.  Windows Security isn’t going to work because the passwords are encrypted differently.

At exactly what connection step does that popup happen?