Hoe do I purge deleted files from a 'MyBookLive'?

I am using realtime backup (not FIle Backup) I have deleted a bunch of old VM’s and other files that were taking up a lot of space.
How do I cause these files to also be deleted from the MyBookLive?

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If you are using WD SmartWare then the files will need to be manually erased from your unit since WD SmartWare is designed to keep backup copies instead of a synchronization.

thx. I guess i was hoping for file synch.

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Related question

Is there any way of viewing all the files in the MBL?
Does Windows file explorer show or display all files in the MBL? If not how can I view the drive content?

Windows Explorer will show all files on shares.

Is there any way to see the drive map–including any non-windows partitions? Disk Management does not seem to see the network drive. I seem also to be having some networking problems related to my antivirus and its firewall. WD smartware does not see the drive till I disable the antivirus and its firewall—any ideas?

If you have a MyBookLive you have a NAS, which is an independent system with its own OS, which is based off Linux. Disk Management will not see it nor can Windows set any permissions on it.

If you have the MyBook, you have an external USB drive with whatever type of partitions you created. Disk Management will see it and permissions control by Windows.

There are not windows partition on MBL. Windows can only see the share partitions via SMB. If you need to see the rest of the partitions and/or files, you need to enable SSH and view them either via CLI and/or something like WinSCP.

It sounds as you need to allow Smartware to communicate via FWs/Antivirus.

If you do not want to use Smartware to access the shares, try…
From Windows explorer type:

From Internet browser to access dashboard:

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