Hitachi not honouring warranty on HGST 4TB


Everybody dodges the responsibility for Hitachi products, in this case HGST drives.The seller stated the warranty for AEON MIcro Inc. is only 1 year but Hitachi advertises (falsely) the hard drive has a 5 year warranty. Purchased in 2016 the drive has failed,after less than2 years of extremely light use, no doubt about it. Hitachi was once a premier product pre-WD and now the quality of the hard drives is pure ■■■■. I told “support” (just a department whose sole job is to deny warranty claims) the I would spread the word about the “junk” Hitachi is selling and the fact they refuse to warrant their product so this is the sixth site I’ve mentioned this issue. Hitachi drives are worse than WD drives now because when you buy WD you know it’s junk and they’ll sent you a “returned repaired” drive when it fails if within the 3 year term. WD doesn’t disqualify those warranties using the OEM excuse. When I bought the Hitachi 4TB drives (4) at $200 each I thought they were Hitachi (as stated on the bill of sale) but no one will stand behind a Hitachi HDD now. This is not unlike fraud where Hitachi brands it’s products, advertises a 5 year warranty and then denies claims for replacement within that period. I’ll be spreading this message everywhere. Hitachi HDD have NO WARRANTY, only the seller warrants what they sell and the 5 year warranty is a myth.


Well, since you’re canvasing social media sites, I’m doubting you’ll be reading followups.

I’m confused with your story. Who is AEON Micro? Are they an authorized retailer for HGST products? Or is the drive in question integrated into one of their systems? If the latter, then, yes, THEIR warranty supersedes the manufacturer’s warranty on the drive.

Same goes with just about any drive made; when they’re sold in an integrated system, they’re not providing the warranty, the integrator is.

Also, you’re using the name Hitachi as if they’re the same as HGST. They are not.

Hitachi does not support HGST drives. WD does.

And yes, HGST and WD both honor the stated warranty as long as they’re purchased from an authorized source as a standalone product (not integrated in someone else’s builds.)