Highly Disappointing Customer Service

This is to bring to your notice that your customer service has become a pain. What you commit is no way near to your real execution. Last time my external hard disk replacement took close to two months. Can you just believe it ?. The whole adventure was full with false promises by your executives and the supervisor. I had to literally plead to get my hard disk back. I am sorry to say that your executives had and have no idea of whats happening in your supply chain. One would tell that hard disk has yet not been recieved. Other would tell the allotment has already taken place. Third would tell its already shipped back to you. I just dont get it. The concerned RMA number is 81769532.

Whats wrong with your IT systems ? It doesnt ever show consistent information. Even the Supervisors dont have the track of the hard disks. It has become the real nuisance. I was told by one of the executives that I would recieve my hard disk by saturday goneby. I knew she was fooling me around, as they all did during my last ordeal with western digital customer service.

I  plead again that please send my hard disk as soon as possible.

Kindly send the hard disk.


Although we are unable to provide support for your RMA, I have passed your post along.  Someone should be contacting you soon.

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