Hide WDCLOUD on the network

Hi All,

I’m a first time user and was wondering if I could get some help hiding the WDMYCLOUD off the network. My boss wants it so no one at the office can see the backup drive on the network.


I am not sure if it would work on your network but you certainly can give it a try.

I have two routers at my apartment and the clouds are on the old routers and the new router attaches everyone via wifi. Thus the ip difference are as follows:

the cloud are on ip’s

Everyone else is on macbook and so forth.

When I use my macbook to browse the network for the clouds, it cannot see the DNS names. In other words it won’t find MyCloud, but I can use the ip address to map them to my Mac.

I am fairly sure you can do the same without two routers by using a static IP for your Clouds. Just change the 192.168.0.xxx to 192.168.100.xxx and keeping everything else the same should work.

Let me know if it does work… I’ll appreciate it.

Good luck…

Might want to suggest to your boss that the WDMC is intended for personal use and not really robust enough for commercial use.

Another way to partially hide the My Cloud on the local network is to assign it a different workgroup name.

Beyond assigning different IP subnets as mentioned above, there may be ways using a spare router and configuring the firewall to pass network traffic based on device IP address to the My Cloud which is attached to that spare router.

Or one could use a “managed switch” to restrict access to a My Cloud attached to that switch.

Thanks for the reply fellas, I will be giving it a go.

Just want to make sure you understand the difference between “not seeing the device” vs “not having access to the device”.

Some of the suggestions will not see the device, but if found somehow, access will be there.

Otherwise, FW rules is the other option as Bennor mentioned.

So after coming with this information to the boss, we have decided to opt for a password locked folder on the wdcloud. Looking at the dashboard I do not see any options to drop a password. If possible maybe hide the folder on the wdcloud and manually have to put in the address to access the folder?

Check manual. Read about private vs public shares.

I suggest you read all the Help information provided in the Dashboard for setting up the device and its Users.