Hide the Public Share

How do you hide the Public share, meaning unshare it so that my WDTV Live does not display it?  Or must “Public” remain and I have to either deal with it and create new shares for: My Movies, Music etc., within that share or along side of it as new shares?

Let me re-phrase to get some responses.  For those of you using this drive with a media player, what folder structure / share structure are you using for your movies, tv shows, pics, music?

Well I just create folders within the public folders and add my videos / music / photos to those folders.

You cannot really “hide” the public share, not delete it from the MyBookLive.

Depending on what you want done, you can do some of the following:

  1. Using WDTV Live for example, go to Video and click on the remote the right arrow and highlight Media servers option.  Click right arrow on remote again then use the up and down buttons to select your MyBookLive and click Enter.  From there you can avoid seeing the public share and see the options Music, Photos Videos

  2. From above, if  you selected Network shares instead of Media servers option, then you will see public share

  3. You can also create new shares that sit along side of Public and as RichUK pointed out, just label the share folders anyway you like.  (This is the best solution)

  4. If you are trying to prevent people access from any media content from showing up from the Public share, then you can go into the device user interface and set it so that no media content is allowed.

Hope this helps.