Hide Content, Pics and vids?

Is there any way to hide content on the hub, that isnt too intensive to unhide on demand? My kids now prefer the hub over ps3 and 360 media extenders because it simply plays everything. The problem is I have some content in folders I have labled SYSTEM, that I would like to hide from them. Right now the folder naming seems to keep them out, but Im constantly awaiting the day my wife is waiting for me at the door, because the kids ventured into those folders.

Is there any way to password protect or hide/unhide content on the hub itself?

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

No, there’s not.

The better way to do it is to make those shares visible only to an authorized user by sharing them under a different User ID / Password combo.

That’s how I’ve got mine set up:

The KIDS account only has access to shares “Kids Movies”  and “TV Shows.”

The TEENS account only has access to shares “Kids Movies” and “TV Shows” and “Movies 1”

The ADULTS account has access to all of the above, plus “MOVIES 2.”

Appreciate the reply. I was more concerned about hiding/protecting content on the HUB itself, not the hub accessing content across the network. When I get home this evening im going to rename my folder with the content I want to hide, .SYSTEM, to see if it still shows up in the videos and pictures list. If not, Ill just go in via the network and remove the dot off the folder name when I want access. I cant remember the exact name but I recall seeing a hidden folder on local storage that contained themes that included pictures, and those pictures dont show up when browsing pics, so Im hoping the same will apply to my content.

Oh, right.

Yes, preceding ANY FILE or FOLDER with a “.” dot will hide it.

You will have to re-compile the media library, though, each time you change it, if you actually want the content to DISAPPEAR (as opposed to be just triggering a “File Not Found” error when trying to view it.)

I can live with a file not found error versus exposing my kids to potentially life changing pictures and videos!  :smiley: