Hibernating a DX4200

It looks like the DX4200 can not go into hibernate? True? If yes, what is the background? I like to save energy during the night and put the server into hibernate and then wake it up agin in the morning, using a software called AutoshutdownManager from Enviprot. Any way how this can be done?

Hi @raven_one

never played arround with the Hibernate mode within Windows Storage Server 2012R2 but it should be the same way as in 2008R2, disabling or enabling the Hibernate mode.

Please be aware that this is Windows Server OS, so even Hibernate may last a time until the server is back.

at an admin cmd prompt type
powercfg /a

I tried the powercfg … but almost all options seem to be blocked by the WD firmware …

Have you taken a look into the BIOS settings? I see Standby (S1 and S3) is not available, maybe deactivated within the BIOS.