I buy an external harddisk but it doesn’t work since 2month ago, i plan to take it to the send ask for helping send to the factory repair but i lost the resit…what can i do? i buy it from ipoh popular de…

Below is the contact information for WD’s Support. You can contact them either by phone or email.  However, you might keep in mind that we don’t repair the drives, we replace them with recertified drives.  Also, you won’t need a receipt to replace a failed drive, as long as it’s still under warranty.  If you need the data on the drive, you will need to send the drive to a data recovery company before replacing the drive.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

if i send by myself to wd company, is that need any charges? can i have the address? 


WD does not provide Data Recovery service, if you need that type of service we can provide you with a list of Data Recovery partners. 


If you need to replace your drive as long as the drive is under warranty you can visit the Western Digital website and create a RMA order, within 24 hours after the RMA is created you will receive via email a premailer, this contains all the necessary information to complete the replacement order such as shipping address, how to pack your drive, RMA turn around time, etc.