Hi,I have WD passport ,I can't recognize my passport in Mac OSX lion

Hi,I have WD passport ,i updated WD firmware after that i can’t recognize my passport in Mac OSX lion ,i tried with WD smart ware and Disk Utility but did’nt show on there,Please Help me… What should i do…?

I’m having trouble with all my Western digital drives on this issue of not showing up. I’m really surprised they have not informed users about this issue. ANy thoughts would be helpful? Also, I’m using Lion on a laptop and desktop - both my passort and the 3tb drive are not showing up at all. What gives WD? Why no urgent post to users? I will never buy again from Western Digital Products  if this is not resolved :slight_smile:

Is the drive been recognize by another computer?

no, I tried on iMac and Pc computer with windows xp but i can’t mount drive and recognize it… :frowning:

Help me…

I just called and talked to a technician and he told me you have to run the firmware updater. I’m going to see about getting an older mac to run the updater. This is such a pain in the you know what… Very disappointed with both Apple and Western Digital for not addressing this soon enough.

Yes it is being recognized by my pc.