Hi, for some reason my WD MyBook Essential won't backup my MacBook anymore. Please help

I have the same exact problem as the person in the link, and I can’t figure it out.


I’m trying to upgrade my OS X TIger to Snow Leopard then LIon… but I wanna backup my data first.

Please help.

More details:

I’m using WD Smartware, and when it fires up it’s “categorizing files”. When that’s done, I click on the Backup tab, then there’s an option on the bottom left, it’s either “pause backup” or “run backup”. When I click on “run backup” nothing seems to be happening, when I click on “pause backup” a message pops up asking if I wanna continue backup or stop it. I click on continue backup and still, nothing seems to be happening.

Bump… please help. Thank you.

I’m having the same problem. Actually, for some reason, it stops and eject my WD external drive by itself and a message “Partial backup acomplished” is showed as a result

Any idea to solve this problem?



Dude, if you’re going to jump from Tiger to Snow Leopard and then Lion, then by all means FORGET SMARTWARE and just do it manually. Smartware has 2 different versions for OSX, one made just for Tiger and the other made for 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 and they DON’T work well together.

I know it’s a long process, but if you can just format the drive to start over and copy the files manually so they can be clean copies when you try to restore them to an upgraded system.