HGST Touro Mobile recognized but can't acces it

Greetings HGST community


I have an HGST Touro Mobile connected in my office pc. I don’t have physical access to it. The external drive shows in device manager and is recognized by Windows 10 64 bits, but I can’t open it or see it in folders. Is there any remote solution I can do to access the drive?, I can reboot the pc remotely.

What I have tried unsuccessfully:
Reinstall drivers
Disable and enable device in device manager
Tried to change drive letter
Tried OGT-Diagnostic tool: result ok
Tried Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool: result ok
Tried Disk Management reassign letter: device not initializable
Rebooting pc: nothing detected
Tried Virtual Machine with linux to detect drive
Tried EaseUS Data Recovery: drive not detected

Please can you help me?