Just curious if HGST NAS drives can be recognized in the My DUO Raid unit? I have a pair of 4TB, my unit came with 2TB and I could upgrade/double my capacity without needing to resort to raid0 which is NOT redundancy.

WD states RED and GREEN drives work but since HGST is now part of WD I am curious if the same applies.

The HGST NAS drives do run warmer because they run at 7200 rpm.

Hi pat2000, note that only Red and Green drives are recommend. Other drives might work but they are not supported. 

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Will you void the warranty on the My book duo if you upgrade the drives yourself?

The UPC clearly states what size it original was shipped with so if you updated to a larger version [like 6TB RED] drives and the unit failed I can see two scenarios.

You would have to remove your larger drives and put the original drives in, or they might not ship your original box back with the larger drives [if they just replaced the unit with new, thus a pair of drives that were standard for your unit].

My version is the 4TB [raid0] but I prefer raid1 thus I only have 2TB and would prefer 4TB+.

No sense in buying a whole entire unit when I can upgrade just the drives.

Hi again, you can check page 73 of the My Book Duo manual for more information on this. 

“Important: Only use WD Red™ or WD Green™ hard drives to replace the drives in your
My Book Duo device enclosure. Also, replacement drives must be new, and the same
capacity as the drive that failed. The RAID configurations require both drives to be the
same capacity. Using any other hard drive or capacity voids the warranty for your
My Book Duo device.”


Rather strange Greens are listed since it’s been shown time after time they do not play well with hardware raid which the duo raid is stated to have, although that may be suspect.

Apparently the “raid” chip is jmicron which is not known to make raid chips.

Reds are the logical choice for low heat raid approved drives.

Maybe WD will release a pdf of other drives that may work in the future.