Helping a pal remotely with limited access

Hi,  I’m trying to help a Luddite pal with his MyCloud.  I have permission to go into his account, and that works fine, but having helped him some months ago, threw my notes away.  At that time I put two jpg files into my personal folder as a test.  They are still there.  I reset my password via my email and that was fine.  Then I hit the problem.  I’d forgotten my Network drive password and I’ve tried all my low-level passwords. 

Then I looked at forums.  Oh, my . . . so many people with the same problem.  Totally unresolved.

So, is it possible to reset that password, or do I scrap that folder?  Don’t like to leave that kind of detritus about. 

Can I get at the control panel from a remote site and help him with the numerous problems I know he’ll have?

Worst scenario is Sharing screens while he does it, but I really don’t have that kind of life expectancy. :confounded:

You can use Windows remote assistance. he has to invite you and you can have control over his mouse and desktop. check this

Windows 7 has it too.

(Of course you need his WD admin password :slight_smile: ).

If he dosn’t know the admin password holding the rear reset button for 4 seconds should reset it to blank.

the admin user can change the users password, the users can’t change there own since they don’t have access to the console

Intending to spend five minutes on this, we’ve just finished a session at well gone midnight.  Anyway, we used Skype to let me see what he was doing, but thanks for the links to a more powerful means.  I’ll get to grips with those later. 

Resetting.  Is the data still okay with a pin reset?

Having seen so many posts on the net about not finding a solution to getting into the drive in my name after losing the Net Drive Password, I finally asked him to put the //wdmycloud/ui in his URL and that got us to the User Interface.  It was only a few moments to set up a new folder for me with a new password, but then it did some odd things.  It hadn’t let me/him type in say, Fred 1 instead of Fred.  I supposed it remembered my remote email address.  So, I put in the original name Fred and it created a new name of Fred2. Then, it not only allowed me to access my new folder, but also the original Fred.   So somehow, I’d beaten the system.  But we were somewhat perplexed by the fact I could access his folders. 

Okay, that’s probably because we’d picked USERS  (there are 3 now) - I’ll try the next option (next button to it) tomorrow. 

The next thing was looking at the drive in my Windows Explorer, I could access his Mycloud perfectly.  However, after signing off and closing the Explorer, it still showed that drive with the folders tree.   It didn’t allow deeper access to those without a password, but only a full reboot of my PC got rid of it.  That does not happen when I remove memory sticks etc.  Minor point, but I’ve never seen that happen before. 

from the WD manual about the 4 second power on reset: also the admin user is the 1st user created and will have a checkmark in the UI

Resetting with Power On
If you have set a password or a static IP address on the WD My Cloud dashboard and have
forgotten it, pressing the reset button while the device is powered up resets the password to
the default value of none and to default IP settings. The default IP setting is DHCP. Resetting
does not erase your files.

there are 3 other levels. A system only restore which also leaves shares and data in place but everything else is reset like new. A quick factory restore which also deletes shares and data and a full factory restore which also writes random patterns to the entire disk to prevent recover and should really only be used if getting rid of the device as it take a very long time

Thanks larry, and everyone. 

I reached the stage of being able to get in, in my own name and as mentioned, seemed to have access to his entire Cloud. 

Fine for me, but I’m kind of surprised.  The other button was marked SHARES and that showed a 6.  (wile USERS was the correct 3)  Sadly, our session ended here, and he doesn’t want to leave the white box on 24 hours so I’m reliant on planning times with him.  Anyway, it’s a learning curve. 

What did leap out at me was the seemingly limited functions on the User Interface.  I gather it can Auto Backup, but they seem to like to be mysterious about how.  Right now he’s just writing to it like any other drive. 

Back to the SHARES button as soon as possible. 

I’ve just got a little Samsung USB drive which has software thrown in for Auto Backup.  However, the first thing I did was to partition the drive so that I had one logical drive to use normally and the other to do its own thing.  Anyone know if this is possible with the MyCloud?

you can’t partition the mycloud

the shares and users don’t have any connection unless you set them up that way and the mycloud ships with a few default shares. you could have a user A & B and a share A & B with user A using share B and user B using share A, except for being confusing there would be no issue with it

each user on mine has there own share in addition to several common shares movie, pictures etc and I have it set so me and my wife can update the common shares and others can only read. It does have a public share which I don’t use as there is no supported way to limit access or delete the share, the other default shares can be modified if desired