I installed my external hard drive today. I have the Sims 3 on my laptop. I’ve already copied everything to my external hard drive. Can I delete sims from my computer if it’s already on my hard drive, and still be able to play it if I don’t unplug my external hard drive.

I wouldn’t do it. Never trust important data to just one drive intenal or external no matter who makes it. External drives are more prone to failure for a lot of reasons. One is the constant plugging/unplugging a second is unsafe removal of the drive causing corruptoin another is rough handling.


Sims is a game and most of these games need to be installed to run because they need system files and these files are to be found on the C: drive where Windows is present.

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I once tried to do the same with Crysis and moved each single installation file to an external drive; it did not work that way. It did work by installing Crysis directly to the external drive, but it was suffering from performance.

Even if you manage to get a game installed on an external, it won’t work if you reformat or on another computer because usually changes need to be made to the OS registry to play the game. In some rare instances this will work, and it may work for older games, but in general you will want to install your games to your local HD. Get a Velociraptor if you want to improve performance (save your games there).

no you can not when you installed the sims you downloaded about 800MB to your compter just to play the game so i guess maybe but it be very hard im tring to do it with sims 2 but no luck