I have a question. I can save things to my portable hard drive but if I put them together in a folder they automatically delete the next time I start up my portable hard drive. But as long as I do not put them in a folder it will remain up there. Even when I try to move the entire folders to the portable hard drive it will say the folder and the content has been sent but if I disconnect the hard drive and reconnect it the folder will be up there but the contents inside the folder will be removed.

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Can you describe in detail the exact procedure you follow to copy files into your hard drive?

I right click send to hard drive and the entire folder and content is sent but when I eject the hard drive and reconnect the hard drive the folder is there but the content inside of the folder is no longer there with my pictures and music.

Try enabling Show Hidden Files and see if that shoows anything.


Try an actual copy/paste instead of “Send to”.