Can anyone help me how to fix this problem? 

No files are hidden.

When I click the K: drive nothing appears except the unknown file :frowning:

Can anyone help me regarding this problem?


  • Have you connect your drive to another computer? If so, do you encounter the same issue? 

  • How about a different USB cable? 

Yes I’ve connected it to another computer. I’ve encounter the same issue. I have tried may USB cables. Nothing happens.

What would be the file type or extension?

Also try to scan the drive for viruses.

here it is.

Try to do this first.

Do you have important files inside the drive? If not try reformatting the drive using the write zero type of formatting using the application on the link.

Yes. In fact all files are important :frowning: I’ve tried the quick test but it failed. Right now I’m doing the extended test

Check the link for data recovery centers available.

thanks for the link. but the countries listed are too far from my country.