Help! with WD TV Live HD Media Player

Hello everyone
I have two questions for my Live WD TV HD Media Player:

  1. Why mkv files some seeing the cover while other do not?  Can I put the image on all files mkv?

2. can i change the image of  folder defaoult ?

  1. can i put the image for each file MP3 when the file is in play?

thanks a lot


Cant help with the first request, I view my movies in list format.

The second, in the manual it states that the name for the a folder image should be folder.jpg, rename your chosen jpg and see if it works

To show cover art in an mp3 you need to embed the cover art in the file using a program called mp3tag

To put an image for an mkv file, just put a jpg image in the same folder with the EXACT same name (it’s case sensitive and can’t be over 80kb or so).

Thanks a lot i will try