Help with WD Sentinel dx4000 Invalid RAID drives

HI guys, need some help with WD dx4000. We have this NAS, which was setup with one single boot drive partition C and D where OS was and in bay 3&4 we have 2x4Tb HDD as RAID1. Identical drive models WD40EFRX-68WT0N0. What happened, was that the boot drive failed and we had to replace it. It was replaced with supported 3Tb drive and we installed the OS. The NAS is booting up and we can access the unit, no problem there. We plugged back the mirrored drives and after booting up, the NAS was verifying them for 8h last night and after it was done, now the NAS comes with invalid drives and the drives are not visible in Windows. On this 2 drives we have the company data. First question is how can we get the data of the drives and second why suddenly the NAS will say the drives are not supported, if this drives worked before for couple of years with out a problem and how we can get them back to work.

You should ask this in the appropriate forum: here

Sorry for this and thanks. I have posted there as well.