Help with re-installing my WD ShareSpace Network Storage System on fresh Windows install

I’ve had this old WD ShareSpace network storage device for a long time… it wasn’t until recently, after reformatting my pc, did i realize that i do not have the install cd for it anymore… just got lost over the years I suppose. But that shouldn’t be an issue, right? Just go online and download the installer, right? Any essential drivers/software for such an important device, that potentially holds years worth of valuable user’s data, would be made easily accessible, right? It seems like a no-brainer… but unless i’'m overlooking something, i would seem to be wrong.

I’m not typically a user that has to resort posting in forums, but I’m just at a point of frustration and confusion as to why it has been made so difficult for me to try and recover my WD NAS. My older and less expensive D-Link came right up.

So all I’m asking for is a little assistance, i do not need my hand held, just need pointed into the right direction…

Can someone provide a link to the install software that i can download, so i can re setup this ShareSpace device? Or just point me to the correct WD Link, WD Discovery, WD Setup tool, WD Driver Utility, or whatever the proper program i need and actually works.

I’ve tried all the above listed programs and none of them are correct, or able to locate the NAS on my network. I’m not able to access the web interface… it does not show up on my dhcp table, nor does it show in my windows devices.

If someone can help me, so i can relax a little, I’d be very happy and will buy them a beer.

Hello there,

Here is a link that might help you with this:

Hope this helps.

Yes! This is exactly what i was looking for, thank you. Unfortunately after burning the iso and using the wd discovery tool, it was still unable to locate the drive. So there is likely a bigger issue going on.

Hi, do you still have the WD Sharespace? I have one and need a power supply. Will you be willing to sell or give?