Help with Playon

Just got my WD TV Live downloaded playone, set up my hulu que.  Network is set up wirelessly, I can watch youtube.  When i go to playon & hulu my shows in the que show up, but then I get kicked off the network.  Says cannot connect to the network, any ideas?

I am using a d link 655 router hooked up wireless via a belkin 8055 usb both are on the list of cpmpatible devices.  I can see the media and then I get kicked off

Might be a dumb question, but can you watch Hulu from the desktop that’s running PlayOn?


It seems like I am getting kicked off the network

I have a similar problem.  Playon works on my wii but not on my wdlive.  Youtube and my network shares work but playon does not.  Playon shows up on my media server on wdlive but it says cannot connect to network.