Help with playlist and Win 7

Hello there… I’m new here and I can’t find some answers!

I work with MKV videos and I need to make some playlists. Actually, I’m using the Playlist Creator 3.6.2 with Win XP in my desktop. It works very well! But, when I use this same program in my laptop with Win 7, the playlist doesn’t work at the WDTV. It works only with Win XP!

I’m using the last firmware version (1.02.21)

The Playlist Creator is available right here ( and works with Win 7 too.

If anyone can help me, I’ll appreciate!

Or if you can tell me another playlist program that I can use, there’s no problem!

Regards from Brazil…

Welcome to the forums.

I use Playlist Creator with Win 7 and it works fine so I don’t think that’s the issue.  My own guess is it has something to do with paths – when you use it on your laptop is both all the videos on the laptop AND that is where you play them from?  Because it’s going to path to wherever you create the list – IOW, if you want to play videos on your laptop, then create the playlist on your laptop and share the folders on that laptop with the Live and it should work just fine.

If it doesn’t work, the odds are there is something wrong with your shares, not with Playlist Creator.

Hello Mike!

First of all, tkanks for your help!

So, all my videos are playing by a pendrive plug it at the laptop.

After I created the playlist (I saved the M3U files in the pendrive), I plug in at WDTV Live and when I go to playlist icon, it doesn’t apper no one of my files. Nothing happens!

The same work is made by both computers… the desktop and the laptop.

After I wrote this message, I discover something! Working with Win 7, after all this work, I opened the M3U file in Windows Media Player. With WMP running the playlist, I saved with another name. But the file extension is another one… is a WPL! Then works!!! I don’t know what happened… It’s one more step to do, but it works!

Well, if you or someone could find another way, it’ll be nice!


Using Playlist Creator all of my playlists are saved as PLS files and they work fine.

Never heard of the M3U extension.

Yeap… I know this extension!

The M3U is very commom, but the PLS does’t work as well… I had to convert to WPL by Windows Media Player!

The PLS works fine on the Live.