Help with non-informative product descriptions

I own half a dozen My Book drives and get the emails for like consumer storage products. I prefer Western Digital products.

I need a couple more drives, but using the email promos, I go to shop, and I can never get a thing done, because the descriptions are absolutely terrible, you cannot discern one external drive from the other in order to make an intelligent choice. I see for instance 3 styles of passport drives. A colorful “square with grooves” version, an “ultra” version, and a “metal” version. Which is for what? Who the hell knows, they never say on any of the web pages. It’s all vague generalities repeated about each product, and never a basis on which to prefer one over the other. Same with the “My Book” type drives, I called support and was told a bunch of vague ideas like, “if you have an old computer get the old version.”

If the differences are just LOOKS, then say so! The prices differ, and for more money I expect some sort of features that I can learn about. Is the metal Passport just a different looking case? THEN SAY SO. Say, “The drives are all the same but for the looks.” The ads here are typical of corporations where the people who do the website all know so much about the products they are clueless about what an outsider needs to know.

The people who wrote the ads should be fired. And where am I supposed to post this complaint? The drop down of choices has about 50 options. This site is a disaster!

From what I can gather the Passport Ultra comes in various metal finishes. The relationship of colour to size is listed here:

On closer examination the Passport Ultra comes in 1 TB, 2 TB, and 3TB. Each size has 3 colours.

You can tell the difference by the model number. The WDBEZW0030BBA-NESN is a 3 TB and the WDBTYH0010BSL-NESN is a 1 TB. The designation like BBA or BSL describes the colour.

What you gather is that you can’t figure it out either. Thanks for nothing,
I can read.

Apparently you can’t read. I just explained everything you need to know and you are still whining.

The only difference between the drives is the colour and the size. I guess WD don’t expect people as obtuse as you appear to be.

What other features could a hard drive have? The prices differ because there are 3 different sizes.

You “explained” nothing, your idea of an explanation is to restate exactly
what you were told. ■■■■■! The priced differ IN THE SAME SIZE, dope.


I have been reading this post since it began, it is obvious you are a PITA whiner. I was determined not to help someone like you. The other guy helped and got his head bit off.

I still am not going to help you other than suggest you do what any of us here do when we want to learn about products. We research them. Most of us do not ask people in forums to do their homework for them.

Anyone with half a brain knows to go to WD main website click on Products top tab and start reading!!

Stop whining, and be polite to people who try to help ungrateful people like you!

Wrong. The “other guy” reiterated what I stated that: the products are
duplicates in different colored boxes although they are given completely
different names and prices. He then insulted me. I am perfectly correct in
my inquiry, that any salient differences in the drives, as would be
indicated by their difference in price, are NOT EXPLAINED in any of the
on the WD pages.


Hello all,

Please keep it friendly. Remember we are all here just to help one another.

I’m closing this topic.