Help With Movie sheets new question

I know this might sound stupid… but I am going to ask  as i just dont know and hopefully someone will explain to me.

I have got FinalAnodizedCustomisedMoviesheetTHEMEV1.2.2v2

and I have Patatozor theme…do I copy  Patatozor theme into FinalAnodizedCustomisedMoviesheetTHEMEV1.2.2v2

to get the movie sheets to work,

Or do I just use FinalAnodizedCustomisedMoviesheetTHEMEV1.2.2v2 with templates made with Thumbjen

I hope some one can explain to me please.

Thanks in advance Dave

With patatozor theme, you are limited to the use of only one moviesheet thumbgen template… but the folder structure or file structure to get the moviesheet working it so simple, and also you don’t need any dummy files.

Well have a look at joey’s videos, to  have a preview,

AND you don’t need to copy themes into one another. You choose one and use it.

with my themes, you  are not limited to the use of only one moviesheet template.

You can use any…

but the folder structure is a bit  complex.

So here’s a non-complex one, assuming you kept your movies in individual folders.


folder.jpg - coverbox


movie.jpg --moviesheet


Now, if all your movies are in a single folder then, use my widesheet theme.

and follow this simple structure:


movie.jpg -moviesheet


Thank you very much Firetix I will give this a go and post later how i get on…

Many Thanks Dave

if u r lookn for a theme which is compatible with movie sheets 

i would recommend u to go for firetix’s widesheet theme

i am currrently using this theme and it works perfeclty with moviesheets

Many thanks I am going to try now

Regards Dave