HELP with Casting files from My cloud to chromecast

Dear Community,

I am using a my cloud with latest updated firmware 2.11.111 While using the my cloud app for Android I sometimes get option to cast to my Chromecast sometimes I don’t get the icon itself could anyone please let me know why I m facing this issue ? Its there something wrong with my configuration of the product or some other issue. Also please let me know if my cloud app for iOS support casting to Chromecast

It probably depends on the file type you are trying to cast. Chromecast only supports some media files types.

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@cpt_paranoia … i guess that`s not the problem. the problem i feel is with the mycloud app it doesnt show the cast icon itself. i am able to cast videos from other media servers but not the WD (My cloud) one only …that through the app seems to be a major problem.

This happens to me occasionally on an Android device. I commented on it previously in the following post:

In my case, when it happens the solution is to exit out of the WD mobile app, then turn off WiFi on my mobile device, wait a few minutes, then turn WiFi back on, then relaunch the WD mobile app at which point the Chromecast icon is available.

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That’s useful diagnostic information you didn’t originally supply…

Given that information and Bennor’s response, it sounds like an issue that should be reported to WD, as it does sound like a bug in the MyCloud app.

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Thank you guys … Appreciate it… :slight_smile: