Help with backed up blu ray

I have a blu ray backup here of the movie 9…this is what i got

In the root folder there is a folder named BDMV and one named Certificate then there are 2 zip files and an .xml file…then in the BDMV folder there is 8 more folders named…AUXDATA, BACKUP, BDJO, CLIPINF, JAR, META, PLAYLIST, AND STREAM…then theres 2 .bdmv files also

im used to dvds with the video_ts and .vob files but this is confusing me…it seems all the files are in the folder named STREAM numbered from 00000 to 00149 missing a bunch of numbers though in between and theres about 43 of the .m2ts files

now my question is how do I play this on the WD TV Live…I have played a blu ray iso before and it worked beautifully…is there anyway I can convert these files to .iso…or is the Stream folder like the dvd video_ts folder and I can just add that?

hmm, n/m im making a UDF 2.50 .iso with imburn right now…should work fine I think