Help...what to do?

Well, here I am…almost 40 years into using a computer and I am stumped.  I bought a “My Cloud” a few months ago and have just gotten it set up.  Now I am ready to start using it, but am completely lost!  Somehow I thought it would be fairly easy to get into and load up stuff, but I just can’t get there.  If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, etc. I would appreciate hearing from you.  Are there any books (other than the downloaded manual) available, like Dummies, etc.



To get to the dashboard (My Cloud settings GUI), goto this URL: http://wdmycloud/ui/

To open the folders (Shares) on the My Cloud, use Windows Explorer > Network > WDMYCLOUD

For easier management, download the QuickView software. Its a tray icon, when you right click, you’ll have instant access to open the dashboard or shares (instead of doing the steps above)

Thanks…is it better to just back up my computer and then I can get into it anywhere?  I don’t intend to share with anyone?

I appreciate your help.


To access your My Cloud remotely:

Go to the My Cloud dashboard, click on Cloud Access and register an email to a user account (admin by default).  You should get a verification email that will send you to the wd2go site to create a new password (this is for your account, not your my cloud drive).  Remember, your user / password on the My Cloud is different than the user / password on  You can use the same password if you want.

You can’t access your computer through the, only whatever you put on the drive. So, if you have files you want to backup, then put it on the drive.  Then you will be able to access that file remotely.  If you want to keep those files in sync, then you have to use a software (i.e. Smartware) or do it manually.

Whoa!!  I can see that I am already over my head.  I understand that the name/pasword for my cloud will stay the same.  I get a new password for DW2go; not sure about what that is.  Also, I tried to download the Quickview but can’t get an Icon to be on desktop.  Let me play with this for a few days.  Will get back to you then.


the QuickView is just a tray icon (where your date and time is). Its a little white box with some blue lines.  As for account, it is the account you setup for remote access.  So when you are away (outside of your network) you can access the My Cloud by going to the site and sign in with the email and password you setup in my previous post

Again, thx for your help.  I found the Icon.  I will stay in touch.