HELP: WD TV live hub stopped working after FW upgrade

Dear experts,

I upgraded my WD TV Live Hub firmware from 2.07.17 to 3.07.14 last night and working fine after upgrade. The next morning when I try to use it, the unit keep on booting and never go to the WD screen on my TV as it usually do.

The LED in the panel keep on flashing just the SOSm morse code (short, short, short then followed by long, long, long repeatedly)

Please advice. What can I try to make the unit working again. I have tried several suggestion written in threads in this forum but so far negative. My unit still can’t work.



SOS means the hardware diagnostics have failed.

Dear TonyPh12345!

Thanks for the reply. With this situation does it means there isn’t anything I can do to make the unit up and working again, except to send it to WD for RMA? How about my data inside? Would it be possible to recover them. Thanks.