HELP: WD MyCloud over two home networks

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently had to use two different home networks as my house has got rather thick walls. While it all works well the downside to this is that i can’t access content on my WD MyCloud over the network it isn’t connected to.

Is there any way to get it to work across two networks?

If you had to extend your network to cover more areas of your home, are you using WiFi extenders or have you configured a second router as an access point, or using a switch/hub?

Typically when one needs to extend their network they can run an Ethernet wire to a switch or hub in the new location. Or one can use WiFi extenders if they are using WiFi. Or one can run an Ethernet wire to a second router provided that second router is configured properly so it obtains an IP address from the first (main) router, and is connected to the first router using one of the four networking ports and not the second router’s WAN/Internet port, and one generally has to disable the second router’s DHCP server via the second router’s administration page.

I’m actually using two routers. How they were set up is that my house has got two main fibre points. One for each router, so the networks are completely independent of each other.

In that case, each network appears to the other as an ‘external network’. So on the network which does not contain the MyCloud, you can only access the MyCloud on the other network as a remote drive.

Because you are using two completely separate networks the My Cloud will be seen as a remote drive on the second network. As such one could use the My Cloud Desktop program, the WD mobile apps for iOS/Android, FTP, or web portal on the devices on the second network to access the My Cloud (in a remote manor). Another option is to setup a VPN connection between the two separate networks so traffic an be passed between them. Or, and its been many years since I’ve had to do it so I don’t quite remember exactly how it would possibly be done, you might be able to connect the two networks together (via Ethernet) and configure the router/gateway of each network to pass the traffic from the other network.

You may find additional information by performing an internet search since this is specifically a networking configuration problem and not a My Cloud specific problem.

Thanks for this let me give your suggestions a go.