Help.... USB Powered Drive before buying?

Hi, planning to buy this WDTV Live this weekend but have 1 big concern (read: my wife has…)

Don’t want to have too much power-adapters etc around the TV. Attaching my own harddisk-drive results in another power=-cord running from tv to the wall. Thought of attaching a USB-powered drive to the WDTV so that this drive is automatically turned on when the WDTV is turned on.

Does this work, and -if so- which USB Powered drive can you guys recommend (from 500GB)

Thanks and hoping to quick replies cause can’t wait to run to the store…:smiley:

I use Hitachi Simple Dive Mini 320GB no separate power supply

Works perfekt with WD TV Live.

I WDTVL poweres up/down, Hitachi drive awakes/sleeps.

Even this Hitachi doesn’t work on my desktop PC without powered USB Hub or power supply, it is no problem to use it at WDTVL just with a simple USB cable.

So I think WDTVL gives enough power to USB to use any 2,5" drive