Help understanding how to access shares

I have an 8tb MCM with movies & mp3 files on it. I’m still putting more on it. I have an HP PC running WIN 8.1; a Samsung Galaxy View tablet, 2 Amazon Fires and an Applet TV. I only want to watch my movies and listen to my music at home. On one of my tablets or on my Applet TV, I use my PC for converting my DVD s to digital files and transferring them to my MCM. Rarely do I watch or listen on my PC. Is there a way to do this without using an external Wi-Fi provider. Currently I’m using Hughes Net and even thought I purchased a large pkg. I used my data allotment with 2 weeks left. This occurred because I was converting films to H265 and then uploading then to my MCM. I am not looking for access to my movies or music away from my home. Sorry for the lengthy explanation…

Hi, you could try buying a separate router and not connecting it to the internet, this will allow you to have a local network and do everything that you want without the need of internet, however the draw back is that anything that is connected to that particular router will not have internet access.

I use an ASUS RT-AC87U router and this router allows you to set up guest user accounts. The nice thing about doing it this way is you can tell the Router what each user can and can’t access. If you do not want them to have access to the Internet lock that part out. Not sure this will help you but it is a solution. Oh one other thing this is not a cheep router but it is an excellent router IMHO…
Good Luck

I do not believe the Asus router guest account can do that. What it can do is have access to Internet only or Internet and home network access. I usually keep Internet-only guest on, but have another guest account set up for both I only allow certain people access to.

If all you devices are on your home Wi-Fi network then they can access the My Cloud Mirror directly and avoid going out over internet.

For each device you need to find and App that can access SMB drives, ES File Manager is a good one for Android devices. You configure the App to access a network device, giving it the IP address of the MCM and username and password. Then you can browse the drive in the App and if you “run” a video it should come up in your devices Video player (VLC is a good one)