HELP! setup problem

Hi, i recently purchased a WD live and have had this problem… I have hooked it up via every method and the same thing happens. It boots up and shows the blue WD Live screen, and shortly after it cliks to a new screen as if its going to boot up but nothing end up happening, and i lose my source… (output)… i have never seen the navigation screen.

-ive looked around but cant find any answers i plan on calling WD tomorrow to ask for help.

any input would be awesome thanks!

How are you connected?

If via HDMI, are you at the latest firmware?   

There were LOTS of HDMI issues in releases up to the latest 1.03.xx firmware, but there are still a few out there.

Hook up with the COMPONENT or COMPOSITE cables and see if you get a menu and can adjust the settings from there.

yes  i have tried component. and still nothing, how can i update the drivers if i cant get to the main screen? i have tried to uupdate but same thing happens…

Try composite, too.  

tried that too… tech line is sending out another after failing to troubleshoot, 2 duds it seems. If a 3rd comes, i think i will just opt for a refund and find another source to play my media.