Help Setting Up

I just bought a My Book Essentials 3TB drive, and I just wanted some personal step by step help so that I don’t mess something up. I read an immense amount of reviews and from what I can tell, I can go wrong in multiple places.

Here is what I want to try:

A partitioned drive that is using 1 TB as a backup of my computer and using the other 2 TB as a basic external drive.

I also don’t want Smartware running constantly as I have read it clogs the computer’s processes. Is there a way to have the smartware but have it set on manual? That is, every now and then I would like to hit some backup button instead of it constantly scanning my computer for new files… And if this means smartware is not for me, what backup programs would be recommended?

Here is what my current plan is:

Pull all of the pre-installed files off and stick them in My Documents

Run MMC and create the two partitions

run whichever backup software I decide to use (microsofts, HPs, or WDs0

Since smartware is only an automatic backup software, you can use Windows Backup to schedule a backup. To partition the My Book follow the link bellow.