Help reading S.M.A.R.T report

My computer has all of a sudden slowed down to a crawl.

My hard drive now makes a patterned sound of 2 same sounds (sounds like reads, but it may be clicks) and 1 definite read sound.

So it’s like dut-dut-dat, dut-dut-dat over and over.  Each combination takes about 1.5 seconds to complete.

Everything in the smart report is “green circle” with the exception of “Current Pending Errors Count” which has a yellow triangle.

Here is my smart report, I’m not too sure if I’m reading this correctly, so if anyone can help out, would be appreciated, thanks!

So… on with the report.  It seems like nearly every line has the worst value possible and passes all the thresholds. So why is everything green except current pending errors count?  My hard drive is dying huh?

WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0-WD-[Deleted]-SMART.mht
HDDScan S.M.A.R.T. Report
Model: WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0
Firmware: 05.00K05
LBA: 1953525168

Report By: HDDScan for Windows version 3.3
Report Date: 10/2/2011 1:27:48 PM

      Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw(hex) Threshold

      001 Raw Read Error Rate 199 199 0000000000-189E 051

      003 Spin Up Time 233 232 0000000000-207C 021

      004 Start/Stop Count 100 100 0000000000-0218 000

      005 Reallocation Sector Count 200 200 0000000000-0000 140

      007 Seek Error Rate 200 200 0000000000-0000 000

      009 Power-On Hours Count 093 093 0000000000-148D 000

      010 Spin Retry Count 100 100 0000000000-0000 000

      011 Recalibration Retries 100 100 0000000000-0000 000

      012 Device Power Cycle Count 100 100 0000000000-0215 000

      192 Emergency Retract Count 200 200 0000000000-001E 000

      193 Load/unload Cycle Count 200 200 0000000000-0218 000

      194 HDA Temperature 115 108 35 C 000

      196 Reallocation Event Count 200 200 0000000000-0000 000

      197 Current Pending Errors Count 200 200 0000000000-001D 000

      198 Uncorrectable Errors Count 100 253 0000000000-0000 000

      199 UltraDMA CRC Errors 200 200 0000000000-0000 000

      200 Multi Zone Error Rate 100 253 0000000000-0000 000

This drive is definitely  worth replacing if your under warranty.

Check the status here…

So the hd is dead/dying for sure?

Can you tell me what on the smart report points to that so I can keep it in mind for future reference.

Thanks for the link!

The raw value of your Raw Read Error Rate is non-zero, so that would suggest that this attribute needs watching.

Your Current Pending Sectors attribute is indicating that 29 (= 0x1D) sectors have been flagged as “pending reallocation”. This means that the drive is having difficulty reading them. The next time the OS writes to these sectors, they will be retested and returned to service if good, or replaced with spares if bad. If they are replaced, then the Reallocated Sector Count attribute will be incremented.

The numbers in the Value and Worst columns can in most cases be interpreted as health scores. Depending on the attribute, 100 or 200 may reflect a perfect score. As the raw number of errors increases, the “normalised” value of the attribute decreases.

For example, notice that the Power On Hours has dropped from 100 to 93. At the same time the raw value is 5261 (= 0x148D):

HDA Temperature is an odd one. When the actual temperature (raw value) is 50C, the normalised value will be 100. As the temperature decreases, the normalised value increases, indicating that lower temperatures are healthier. The relationship appears to be …

normalised temperature = 150 - actual temperature