Help: Proper external drive handling for avoiding corruptions


I just bought me a new WD elements external disk (1TB) to use with my WD TV Live and I wanted to check what are the best practices for handling the external disk in order to avoid disk corruptions.

What I read so far seems to indicate one should ‘eject’ the disk before disconnecting it. My question is whether we also need to eject it prior to powering off WD TV Live (please also mind that the WD elements has no power on/off button).

Thanks in advance.

I would say No. You reason you eject it is to tell the WDTV that you are going remove the drive and it ensures that it finishes what every it is doing and then says OK. When you switch off the WDTV by using the remote it should also finish off correctly. Obviously if you just remove the power by unplugging it then you should eject first.

RichUK, thanks! That makes sense, but I needed to check to make sure to avoid further disasters! :wink: