Help - Plex iTunes Channel on MyCloudPR2100

Please anyone help
Everything else on my Plex server is running great but just wish to add itunes to finish it off
I have a WD MyCloudPR2100 running latest Plex.
My set up is I have a Drive Folder I have set up on my NAS Called BackUp. Here I transfer all my media and work from my mac with a Backup app called Silverkeeper.
Inside this folder is an itunes library that I have tried to link to with Plex but have been unsuccessful
I have gone signed into the Plex Server via a browser and gone to settings/server/channels and have ticked box “Enable iTunes Channel”
Where it asks for the itunes XML path I have put this…
/BackUp/ALLWORK_BKUP/ALL_MEDIA/itunesMusicFolder/Tunes/iTunes Library.xml
Not sure if spaces are an issue or need a double // at start or any other file path info I need to give at start or anywhere?
Also do I need to install an iTunes channel app or does it just magically appear in the channel when set up correctly?
Thanks so much for any advice everyone.
Would be amazing to get this set up.

I have not tried annexing the iTunes library as a Plex channel. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Hi thanks for the reply. I’m now wondering if it’s possible to do this or if you need a library open on a computer?