Resolved. Thank you

From what I’m finding out, you’re not going to get that from the SMP.

Go back and load default theme.

I do not know. Try the Alaska theme.


my Alaska theme is a NON-Moviesheet Theme … so that will not help you

Nobody can see the images you posted until the are approved by moderators.

(which can take 24hrs or longer on weekends)

(try a external imagehost for instant pictures … eg imageshack, photobucket etc)


Well, the 1st incorrect thing is …

Movies in “Folders” use a jpeg named   folder.jpg


which you don’t have.

take your movies out of their folders … standard moviesheets will not work with movies inside folders.

Have ONE MAIN folder ie. MOVIES and then place your Movie Files inside it.

Yes with my Alaska Theme all you need is a Main Movie Folder … and inside it


Tron Legacy.mkv

Tron Legacy.jpg

Tron Legacy.xml

Yes, Movie Info does display quickly (i did omit a few things like Cast/Year … wanted to have plenty of Room for the Plot.

But you can still view the Cast/Year in ‘info’ view … Option Button / View Info)