Help Please VelociRaptors WD6000BLHX 600 GB no Icepack Heatsink

I bought from ebay the  VelociRaptors WD6000BLHX 600 GB. My problem was it came without the Icepack Heatsink. So i cannot install in my Alienware Aurora ALX desktop. I typed in google for this piece, all 10 places i found say out of stock and no idea when they will get it. I called WD and said they don’t sell this piece by itself. Anyone have an idea please on what i can do. Mucha appreciated.

The drive you want is WD6000HLHX, this  one comes w/ the icepack. The WD6000BLHX, does not. Its the bare 2.5 inch drive. Return it if you can and then buy the other one. Hope this helps.

That’s the problem i can’t return, i was hoping for some suggestions, what else i can use to make it fit into the bay. ThanksAnyone else please.

Only if your Desktop has a secondary 2.5" bay… If not, then it’s no use. Also it’s not just a matter of “fitting”, that drive gets extremely hot without the icepack and has heavy cooling requirements that a “fitting bay” will not fulfill, that’s the reason the drive is not advertised for Laptops at all even though it’s a 2.5" drive…

If you can’t return the drive then can you at least sell it to buy the other one?