Help on My Passport

I bought my HDD on 2009. It´s “WD Passport Elite External 500GB USB 2.0”  Serial Number [Deleted].

I never had a issue with my HDD but on last week I decide to format  and I download the software named Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics (,195,254#external)..)

I used the option FULL ERASE. The process was end correct.

But when I connect the HDD in any computer (Windows7 or Mac) the Disk not appear in “My PC” .

The HDD is connect (On Devices and Printers) but I can open or load or save any file on HDD.

Maybe I need a driver for my HHD, I try to find any answer on WD portal and I find this link( )

but I have the same result.



Since you performed a full erase, most likely the drive needs to be initialize through disk management.

See if the following link helps

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives.

Hi ERmorel Thanks for your solution… but dosent work… :frowning: Any instruction or other idea?

I just got a My Passport Edge that was formatted for a Mac (I have a PC).  Reformatted it to NTFS, easy as pie!  Then I tried to access it.  No go.  It showed up in disc management and the safely eject media whatsit but couldn’t access it anywhere else.  Played around for a few minutes & decided to give it a drive letter.  Bingo!  Shows up in my file management software & I can move files to and from it. 

Now the next test is will my WDTV box recognize it??  I’ve transferred about 300 DVD’s to digital (mkv) so I don’t have to search through all those DVD’s to find the movie I want.  Planning to get them off the computer & onto this.

Anyways…try giving it a drive letter and see if it shows up.  Worked for me.