Help! no files to restore!

Mt restore files shows ‘select files to restore from my pasport ultra’ but there are no files! how can i get to see them??
Also there is nowhere for me to enter a password…

Hi, welcome to the community.

First of all a few questions, What is the model of your passport? What software did you use to backup? Are you using Windows or Mac?

In order for you to set up the password, you need to use the WD Security to enable the password protection and once you disconnect the drive from the computer ir will ask you for the password in order for you to access the drive.

I have a passport ultra and use windows 10 and WD Backup 1.1.5574.
now Utilities tells me to “attach a supported WD drive”
Yet I can find files via WD backup…Edit Files
How can I erase my data so I can take this back to the shop?
very disappointed there are no usable phone numbers for help in Australia…

Hi, you can reformat the drive and this will delete the information from the drive, however we have passed your issue to WD Support.

I am shocked…no response from WD pathetic still can’t contact WD … filled out the “create a support case”… when I eventually found it and guess what?.. IT DOESN’TWORK! brilliant …the security challenge is malfunctioning !!