Help! new to hard drive, keep getting "can't modify" message

Hi all,

I just got the new hard drive and I was planning to copy files on my macbook. However when I was about to copy files on, it says that “elements cannot be modified”. Now i searched around and saw that I had to use disk utilities etc. in order to fix it, but when I try to use disk utilities “erase” tab, it does not give me the option to press “erase” nor change the format etc - it’s all grey/darken out. I am getting really frustrated and can’t seem to find the answer anywhere! Please help. Thanks!

i’m having the same problem anyone know how to fix this thanks

Which drive did you get? If it came formatted for Windows it will need to be reformatted to use on a Mac.


hi mine (Elements) was formated to windows but the strange thing is it let’s me erase and partition the drive on another mac witch i did i then  put  it back into my mac (same os system 10.5) and it’s still read only i’ve tried erasing, partitioning but nothing works thanks for any help  

is there anyone who can help me please i’m really getting frustrated with this drive thank you