Help Needed with Movie Sheets on HUB .. Pls advice


I am trying to get movie sheets displayed on my hub and wasn’t successful. I spent lot of time this weekend on this/read through tutorials/threads but still could not get mine to working .

I have my movies stored under individual folders and for the themes i downloaded extreme’s mega pack 3.0 and i tried each and every theme on available on that pack trying out all kinds of views (gallery,large grid,small grid ,list view ) but could not get my movie sheet displayed .

I used thumbgen and downloaded all my movie sheets. I checked all the movie sheets have been created perfectly .

All my movies are stored on hub’s internal hard drive .

 I am not able to understand where i am doing wrong ,any help is much appreciated.

My folder structure: Movies\blurays\21 … movies in individual folders

I dont need lot of varieties all i need is my movie sheet to look like this. Pls help me with the theme i should use to get this type of  movie sheet and the view i should select on hub to get this.

Any help is much appreciated .

Thanks for all creators of themes & movie sheet templates , Guys you rock…


Can some one help me here?

Assuming your folders for individual movies are arranged like that and that you’re using the dummy file structure


movie.mkv      --movie

movie.jpg       --thumbnail/coverbox

movie.mkv_sheet.mkv - dummyfile

movie.mkv_sheet.jpg --moviesheet



folder.jpg      --folder thumbnail


You can also only have moviefolder.xml to trigger the moviesheet.!

Media library should be on

The xml files are needed to trigger the sheets… etc…

With the above structure the sheets should display well!

Hello 1528,

Firetix’s advice is bang on as usual.

In your example of a folder called 21 you should have

21.mkv               --------> the main movie

21.jpg                 --------> custom coverbox usually the same as folder.jpg

21.mkv_sheet.mkv ----> dummy file (see my post about using a movie trailer for this file)

21.mkv_sheet.jpg  -----> moviesheet compatible with hub and live players

21.xml                 -------> metadata

folder.jpg           ---------> custom coverbox usually the same as (21.jpg)

Furthmore i see from your post that you keep the movies on the Hubs internal drive, so normally the moviesheet will only show when you hover on the dummy file and the dummy file will normally show after the main movie so you have to press the ‘right button’ on the hubs remote for it to show…

My advice would be to hightlight the dummy file so that the moviesheet shows and the rate it 5 stars. Then make sure that the Hub sorts by ratings v hope that helps…

and the default themes built in do not support moviesheets.

Need to install one of the custom themes made by others here. Otherwise your moviesheet will be squished into a thumbnail

nice addtion drizzt09 totally forgot that!

Thanks Everyone, i will try it out tonight and will update you all. I think your solutions should work .

Hi extremedigital/firetix,

i have all the files mentioned as per your post ,but i dont find an xml file in my folders , i am not sure how do i get it . should it be generated by thumbgen or do i have to create one.

you can see how the files in my  hub for movie avatar.  Pls tell me how to add or generate xml file.

Thanks in advance.


in TG options

in General tab make sure movie information is check marked

in Input/output tab

Movieinfo export is set to $M$N  .xml… export using hub format

use latest thumbgen available here:

and in options -->input/outputnaming … select generate dummy file at

and in movie export info select .xml as the file format and export using wdtv live hub format…

or follow this tutorial: